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Let’s Talk About Your Pickleball Game

Question: I Feel Like My Return & Drive Timing Is Off, How Can I Fix?

Answer: The easiest way to develop proper timing in pickleball is done through an understanding of the point at which you make contact with the ball. If you have been following our coaching for a while now you have heard us say a million times, contact needs to be “out in front.” We hear that, but how do we make that actually happen in our pickleball game? It’s a simple statement and easy concept to understand, but everything that goes into this contact out in front is what we need to break down. Here are the factors and tips that will help you make contact with the ball out in front and at the right time:

#1 Before the ball even crosses the net as it comes to your side of the court you need to identify whether you are hitting a forehand or a backhand. Once you know which side you are turning your body and paddle from ready position (which you are in all times when the ball isn’t on your paddle) then you are able to execute this first tip: Turn your paddle with 2 hands to ensure the paddle is not brought in too close to your body. It is a very natural tendency to drop the paddle in before hitting. If you do this you won’t ever hit the ball at the right time. Here is a visual for turning with 2 hands on the paddle:

#2 Then you need to coordinate your footwork prior to hitting the ball. After you turn with two hands then your paddle will be back in the proper position and you can move to the ball. You load all of your weight to one side and then step while transferring your weight. Then the ball bounces and you’re able to take the top hand to guide you in making that contact out in front of the body. Now you are ready to hit the ball.

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Remember if timing is off, contact will be too close and the ball will never be placed accurately on court.

How To Get A More Powerful Serve

The secret to creating power in pickleball lies in the ability to generate momentum using body weight transfer. You want to take all of your weight out of the front foot and be sure to load it all into the back foot before your serve. Then as you take the paddle back and get under the ball you pivot that back foot and move your weight all the way into the front foot as you explode behind the ball for contact. Then as you do this you are able to take your momentum forward into the court and put all of that power behind your serve. 

Be sure not to look for power in your arm and shoulder on the serve. Power always comes from rotation and acceleration. Don’t compensate for it using your upper body only. Focus on putting your weight behind the ball and use the pivot motion to rotate your hips. Then the paddle will accelerate from a low to high motion and create your powerful serve.

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2024 Universal Rackets Youth Summer Camps Are Here!

35+ Monday-Thursday youth pickleball and tennis camps will be happening all over the PA, Philly, Mainline and Jersey Shore area!

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3 Strikes And You’re OUT! Pickleball Mindset!

We all miss, we all make mistakes, we’re not Ben Johns, we’re human, it’s ok. BUT do know what not is ok? To make THE SAME mistake 3x in a row. Pickleball is all about adjustments. ADJUSTMENTS! If you make the same mistake twice, do not make it THREE TIMES! Make an ADJUSTMENT. From now on, NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE 3 TIMES IN A ROW OR YOU ARE OUT! Example: you are hitting your returns in the net… Return #1 in the net, Return #2 in the net, for Return #3 hit the ball up to the moon! Example: you keep losing points in your pickleball game… Point #1 you hit it to Opponent A, Point #2 you hit it to Opponent A, Point #3 you hit it to Opponent B! You keep on losing the point driving the ball… Point #1 you lose hitting a drive, Point #2 you lose hitting a drive, Point #3 you drop the ball. When things are not working, try something else! Apply this mindset and win more points….

Now onto the other side of things…

If It’s Not Broke Don’t Fix It!

Too many players end up changing their strategy when they are winning and their strategy is working. If you win game 1 out of 3 with strategy A, make sure you have strategy A for game 2! Too many players will lose 2/3 games in tournaments because the first game they win, and for some reason they end up changing their strategy up and end up losing the next two games. If something is working, stick with it until the end in a competitive pickleball setting

The Official Ball Of Universal Rackets: The Selkirk Pro S1

We are excited to announce the Selkirk Pro S1 ball as the official ball of Universal Rackets. It is the perfect ball, super durable, a consistent flight, a consistent bounce, softer than a Dura, but firmer than a Franklin. Did we mention they have a 1 year no-crack warranty???

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Lesson of the Week: How To Hit A Backhand Slice Volley Drop

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Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to see you on court!

-Universal Rackets

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