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Let’s Talk About Your Pickleball Game

Question: Why Can’t I Hit My Ball In The Court?

Answer: If you are missing shots, first you have to determine how you are missing. There are 2 types of misses that can occur. 1: In The Net 2: Long

#1 If you miss in the net: you need to GET UNDER THE BALL! Now this is easier said than done, however if you can apply certain tips and cues to help you execute this: you will never miss again.

Click here to learn all the tips to never hit in the net again!

#2 If you miss long: a player can miss long for multiple reasons including but not limited to: holding the paddle to tight, not executing a full swing, popping body up pre maturely.

Click here to learn all the reasons why you miss long and how to fix!

If you miss that is ok, everyone miss but here’s the catch… NEVER MISS THE SAME WAY 3X IN A ROW. Make an adjustment, pickleball is all about making adjustments. Example, if you miss 2x in a row in the net, hit the next ball long. Make adjustments, understand why you are missing and how to fix (the videos) and make way less errors, and win more points!

Spring & Summer Programs Are Here

Universal Rackets is excited to be offering programming in 22+ locations all over the PA/Jersey shore area including youth clinics, camps, adult clinics, social tournaments, picklepaloozas, fundraising events and more. As you’re all in one inclusive pickleball and tennis community provider we are excited to have opportunities for everyone. We can’t wait to see you on court this season!

Click here to view all of our programs!

Summer Camps!

35+ Monday-Thursday youth pickleball and tennis camps will be happening all over the PA, Philly, Mainline and Jersey Shore area!

Click here to view all of our camps!

Pickleball At La Salle University

Last week Universal Rackets hosted PicklePaloozas for La Salle University. Our Community Staff Palooza was during the eclipse so we had to bring the glasses! What is a PicklePalooza: A PicklePalooza is an unforgettable day full of games and point play. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this is the perfect opportunity to socialize, have fun, and play pickleball. Click here to book your next team building/community event!

The Perfect Pickleball Warmup! Prevent Injuries

As the popularity in Pickleball is skyrocketed so has the amount of pickleball related injuries. Think about the basic pickleball warmup before you play, a few dinks, volleys, drives, drops. During this “warm up” players are not actually warming up their whole body for the movements that are to come. It is very common for players to say “first game” or that “they start slow” when it is actually because it takes a full game for players to get their body loose and ready for play. Players need to “warm up” before the actual “warm up”.

Tyler from Universal Rackets teamed up with Dr. Nikola Gagic from ChrioLab to go over the perfect pickleball warm up. In this video Dr. Gagic takes Tyler step by step through a full body Pickleball-specific warmup.

Click here to watch the video so you can learn and apply it to your pre-match routine!

Selkirk Sport X Rhone Backspin Collection Is Out!

Selkirk Sport proudly partners with Rhone on the Backspin Collection, designed with the pursuit of progress in mind.

Rooted in a mutual love for the game of pickleball and a shared commitment to providing athletes with premium gear, the Selkirk x Rhone Backspin Collection features a co-branded Luxx Control Air Epic pickleball paddle, Backspin Lined Shorts, and the Backspin Tee in special edition colorways.

Click here to purchase! Make sure to use our promo code ADV-Universal at checkout for a gift card with your purchase

Lesson of the Week: How To Hit An AMAZING Forehand (step by step)

Click here to view this week’s lesson

Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to see you on court!

-Universal Rackets

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