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How To Hit An Amazing Forehand

If you are looking to hit an amazing forehand you need to make sure you are are focusing on the following things below:

Grip: your forehand grip should be between semi continental and eastern. Note: the more you tilt your paddle face downwards, the more spin you will get however the more you tilt your paddle face downwards the less user friendly it will be.

Ready Position: your ready position is the foundation of a great forehand. Make sure your paddle is out ins front, paddle tip is pointing upwards and your elbows are away from your body, this is key to accomplish proper contact and swing path

Contact: your contact needs to be out in front and away from your body around hip level.

Swingpath: your swing path needs to be low to high aka upwards trajectory in order to hit the ball up and over the net.

Follow Through: your follow through needs to be up and over your non-dominant shoulder. Executing the proper follow through will ensure the proper swing path is accomplished.

Below Are Some Key Tips That Will INSTANTLY Improve Your Forehand:

watch your paddle make contact with the ball

hold paddle looser than you ever have before

inhale on take back exhale on follow through

hit with 70% power

commit to your swing

have a split second pause on follow through

pretend you are throwing a medicine ball

hips sideways during take back and forwards at follow through

pivot back foot (squash the bug)

keep body down and forward

say “paddle back” “follow through”

make a “C”

catch you paddle with non dominant hand on follow through

think 2-1-2 (two hands on take back, one hand during contact, two hands on follow through)

keep body still at contact

Disclaimer: different tips work for different people! Try all of the 3x and find what works best for you

Click here for a full video on step by step how to hit an amazing forehand for any level!

Summer Programs Are Here!

Universal Rackets is excited to be offering programming in 23+ locations all over the PA/Jersey shore area including youth clinics, camps, adult clinics, social tournaments, picklepaloozas, fundraising events and more. As you’re all in one inclusive pickleball and tennis community provider we are excited to have opportunities for everyone. We can’t wait to see you on court this season!

Click here to view all of our programs!

Summer Camps!

35+ Monday-Thursday youth pickleball and tennis camps will be happening all over the PA, Philly, Mainline and Jersey Shore area!

Click here to view all of our camps!

Lower Makefield PicklePalooza!

Last week Universal Rackets hosted a PicklePalooza at Lower Makefield! Lower Makefield is one of our new pickleball partners in Bucks County Area. Our instructors SunnStarrr, Adam and Justin led the event. It was a 3 hour event full of games, dinks, and pickleball vibes. Click here to book your next team building/community event! 

Who Has Middle? Should I Take Middle Balls?

Down the Middle Solves the Riddle! Should I let my partner get the ball? I don’t want to be a ball hog… You hesitate, your partner thought you were going to cover it and boom the ball goes by. There are a few rules to go by when it comes to middle balls. Rule #1 forehand covers middle Rule #2 (more advanced) follow the ball, if the ball is to the left the person on the right has the middle… if the ball is to the right the person on the left has the middle Rule #3 is COMMUNICATION! WHEN IN DOUBT SAY “YOURS” SAY “MINE” this will help you when you do not know what to do.

Below is an excerpt from our Pickleball Ebook that will be coming out late summer on how to cover our ebook!

Click Here for a Full Video on Who Should Cover Middle Balls!

Couples Pickleball Night with Fit4Mom!

On Friday June 7th Universal Rackets will be hosting a Fit4Mom COUPLES Night in West Chester! Grab your favorite doubles partner and come on out for an amazing night. We can’t wait to see you on court

Click here to register!

What is a PicklePalooza? A PicklePalooza is the perfect opportunity for all ages and levels to socialize, have fun, and play pickleball. PicklePalooza will feature a variety of games and point play, so you can test your abilities and compete against other players.

For Pete’s Sake Cornhole X PicklePicklePalooza For Cancer Event Is July 12th In Sea Isle!

Universal Rackets will be partnering with For Pete’s Sake to raise money for the For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation. Join us for an epic day of corn hole and pickleball. Click here to register!

Lesson of the Week: How To Hit an Amazing Speed Up

Click here to view this week’s lesson

Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to see you on court!

-Universal Rackets

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