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How To Get Out Of Trouble & Get Back Into Points (3 tactics win points that you should lose)

We are all going put ourselves in trouble from time to time in pickleball. Maybe we hit our drop too high, maybe we are caught out of position, maybe we get jammed. That is ok, everyone will have this happen multiple times in a game however what separates the great from the average player is how frequently they are able to turn defense into offense. When they are on the run, when the point is supposed to be lost, somehow, someway they claw back into the point and end up winning it!

Is this mostly skill?… Yes however there are multiple tips and tricks that ANY player at ANY level can win (or at least get back into) more points.

Add Some Height You’ll Be Alright: if you are ever pulled out wide and are out of position at the baseline hit the ball high up into the air towards your opponent. While the ball is up in the air your opponent can’t touch it, buying you time to get back into to position for the next shot. Next time you are “hurt” in a point, play with heigh and you will be alright! Bonus: use this tactic when your opponent is staring directly at the sun, it will be hard for them to track the ball. Disclaimer: use this shot with intention and purpose. Do not just use this as a “cop out” shot when you are nervous.

Middle Gets You Out Of A Fiddle: too many players end up getting pulled out wide up at the kitchen, try to angle the ball back but end up popping the ball up and having your opponent reach over kitchen and smash their next shot at you or your opponent. If you ever get pulled out wide or are out of position GO TO THE MIDDLE! It will allow you to neutralize your opponents next shot and get back into position. Try it!

Next Ball Back Mentality (It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect): next ball back, next ball back, next ball back SAY IT OUT LOUD! Next ball back! When you are on defense all you should be worried about is getting the NEXT BALL BACK! THAT’S IT! Players end up trying to perfect their defensive shot and they end up popping the ball up, hitting in net, or missing long. Realize if you are on defense you should lose the point, any ball back is perfect, stop trying to perfect your defensive shots and just get it in! Stay back if its a “bad” shot, and wait to move up until you get a “good shot”.

Regardless of Level: if you use the 3 tactics mentioned above you will win double the amount of points in your game. Try it!

Click here for a full video on these tactics

Summer Programs Are Here!

Universal Rackets is excited to be offering programming in 23+ locations all over the PA/Jersey shore area including youth clinics, camps, adult clinics, social tournaments, picklepaloozas, fundraising events and more. As you’re all in one inclusive pickleball and tennis community provider we are excited to have opportunities for everyone. We can’t wait to see you on court this season!

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Summer Camps!

35+ Monday-Thursday youth pickleball and tennis camps will be happening all over the PA, Philly, Mainline and Jersey Shore area!

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Jersey Shore Programs Start Next Week!

Universal Rackets is excited to kick off our 2024 Jersey Shore Programming this Sunday. Adult and Junior Tennis clinics, tennis camps, adult and junior pickleball clinics, parent/child clinics, junior summer camps, fundraisers, paloozas and more! Visit

The Rule of 10

How big of a swing should I take? How tight should I hold the paddle? Well it all depends upon the speed up the ball. If you can apply the rule of 10 next time you are on court, you will be able to hit more effective shots. In short, the faster the ball, the tighter the paddle, the shorter the swing. The slower the ball, the looser the paddle, the bigger the swing.

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The Best New Paddle On The Market: Selkirk Amped Pro Air

The AMPED Pro Air pickleball paddle from Selkirk Sport offers the smooth, familiar feel of an all-court paddle, alongside the next-level technology necessary to dominate on the court. Did we mention the awesome color ways? Red, Green, Blue, Grey, and Purple! Make sure to use our promo code ADV-UNIVERSAL at checkout for a gift card with your purchase. Click here to order!

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Universal Rackets x Lululemon Corporate Event

Last month we hosted a corporate event for Lululemon PBG! It was an epic day of pickleball full of fun and games. Want a corporate or team building or fundraising event? Click here to fill out our special event form!

Lesson of the Week: Best Advice For Speed Ups and Dinks

Click here to view this week’s lesson

Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to see you on court!

-Universal Rackets

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