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How To Stop & Beat Bangers In Pickleball

Here is the thing: bangers are not self proclaimed. They are created by you!

Yes! You read that right. YOU CREATE THE BANGER!!! Yes, some players hit the ball harder than others, however if you do not want to play against a banger it is simple: do not create them!

So you are probably wondering… “how am I creating a banger?” it is simple players can be aggressive, hit hard, and “bang” the ball from one place and that is above the net. Any high ball that you give your opponent above the net will allow them to hit down into the court. How do you stop creating a “banger” it is simple: get them to hit UP instead of hitting DOWN. If you can keep the ball below the net you will force your opponents to hit up into the court. If you can force your opponent to constantly hit up they will have to hit a neutral or defensive shot by either 1. slowing their ball down 2. dinking. If a “banger” choose to hit hard from below the net they will either 1. hit the ball out 2. hit the ball into the net.

Next time you are out on court and you feel like you are playing a “banger” take a quick breather and think “where are you allowing your opponent to make contact?”.

How do we keep the ball low and force our opponents to hit below the net? On your 3rd shot choose to drop shallow into the kitchen: this will force them to have to let the ball bounce into the kitchen and take below the net. On your return (and their 3rd shot) hit slice: the slice will keep your shots low making it difficult for your opponent to hit a 3rd shot drive. At the kitchen dink and keep your shots in the kitchen: this will force your opponent to hit an aggressive or neutral shot back

Want another tip to beat the bangers? Let Balls Go! Shoulder high let it fly(this is easier said than done) however if you can show the “banger” that you will not fall for out balls, that you will let balls go, the banger will think twice next time they try to hit hard at you.

So next time you are out on court against a banger don’t stress, use the tips above and win more points!

Click here for a full video on how to beat bangers!

Multiple Junior Pickleball and Tennis Camps Are Starting Next Week! PA & Jersey Shore

35+ Monday-Thursday youth pickleball and tennis camps will be happening all over the PA, Philly, Mainline and Jersey Shore area!

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How To Hit An “In The Air Serve”

One major difficulty that players have when picking up the game of pickleball is hitting the serve in the air. Many players who have difficulty revert to the drop serve, once you advance to a certain level or want to gain an extra edge you will have to learn how to serve in the air. There are two components to successfully hit a serve in the air and that is 1. Timing 2. Rhythm. Timing and rhythm are key to hit a successful “in the air serve”.

Before we explain the 2 components you HAVE to be in the proper starting point. 1. Sideways 2. Paddle Back 3. Ball Out In Front & Hip Height. Now yes, Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin and many players serve different than this however this is the most user friendly way to learn a drop serve. If you don’t start with your paddle back you have to add another component (getting it back in the prober time), if you drop the ball higher you have to add another component (having to time the toss). By having the 3 components it simplifies the serve to eliminate the amount of things that can go wrong.

One more thing we have to go over before we get into rhythm is the drop (of the ball). Here’s the leading reason why players go wrong and can’t serve in the air. Their drop is off! Now we are already at hip height as listed in the paragraph above but now we have to drop the actual ball. Players toss the ball, players slam the ball down, how do we get a prober drop…? It’s simple: Do NOT think drop, THINK RELEASE. Literally release the ball from the hand, no wrist or extra movement, just let go.

Now once we have the proper starting point (and drop) it is time to talk about the 2 components timing and rhythm. Both timing and rhythm go hand in hand but different tips, different sayings work for different people. The main thing is as soon as you drop the ball you have to hit, as soon as the ball leaves your hand you have to swing. Think the moment you pull the trigger the shot fires… the moment you drop (release) the ball, you fire, you let your paddle go, you commit without hesitation, swing and finish towards your target. Players can’t hit the “in air serve” because they hesitate, as soon as you drop you have to go for it. Hack to learn: say out loud “cue words” to teach muscle memory. Say “drop” and “hit”, say “1” and “2”, say “release” and “swing”. These cue words work and they will teach you the 2 components to and in the air serve.

Click here to see the #1 exercise for you to do to learn an in the air serve Note when you do this exercise make sure to use the cue words!

The Importance of Communication In Doubles

Communication is a cornerstone of successful doubles pickleball. A well-coordinated team can cover the court more effectively, make strategic plays, and avoid unforced errors. Here are some key aspects of communication that can elevate your doubles game:

Call Your Shots: One of the simplest yet most crucial forms of communication is calling your shots. Let your partner know when you’re taking a shot with a clear, loud call of “Mine!” or “Got it!” This prevents confusion and ensures that both players are not going for the same ball, which can lead to unforced errors.

Plan Your Strategy: Before the match and between points, take the time to discuss your strategy. Talk about your opponents’ weaknesses and strengths, and decide on your game plan. For instance, if one opponent has a weaker backhand, agree to target that side. Regularly check in with each other to adjust your strategy as needed.

Encourage Each Other: Positive reinforcement can go a long way in maintaining a strong team dynamic. Encourage your partner after good shots and offer supportive comments after mistakes. A simple “Nice shot!” or “Shake it off, we’ve got this!” can boost morale and keep both players focused and positive.

Use Hand Signals: Hand signals can be an effective way to communicate positioning and plays, especially when serving. For example, a closed fist can signal a planned poach, while an open hand can mean staying in your current positions. Agree on a set of signals that both partners understand and use them consistently.

Stay Vocal: Constant communication during the rally is key. Keep talking to each other about ball placement, opponent positioning, and your movements. Phrases like “Switch!” to indicate a change in court sides or “Up!” to signal moving forward can help maintain seamless coordination.

Trust and Respect: Trust your partner’s abilities and decisions. If they call a shot or make a play, respect their choice and support them. Building a foundation of trust and respect can enhance your teamwork and lead to more successful outcomes.

By focusing on clear and consistent communication, you and your partner can operate as a cohesive unit, making your doubles play more effective and enjoyable. Start incorporating these communication strategies into your game, and watch your teamwork and performance improve!

Click here for a Full Footwork Masterclass On How To Move With Your Partner

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Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to see you on court!

-Universal Rackets

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