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Let’s Talk About Your Pickleball Game

Win 2x More Points Instantly With This 1 Tip

Regardless of playing level, by implementing this one pickleball tip you will win more points!

Drumroll Please! (Insert drumroll sound here) and the tip is…. ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR FIRST INSTINCT. (aka never second guess yourself)

First, you need to understand in pickleball the court is small and the balls are fast. Time is a currency in pickleball and in many times you do not have more than a few seconds to react. You are on the court and think “I should drop… wait I should drive” too late! The ball has already gotten to close to you, you get jammed and you miss or pop the ball up. Or maybe you think “I should hit to it to the right person… wait I should hit it to the left” or “I should hit an aggressive shot… wait I should hit a neutral shot” and you end up losing your point because you second guess yourself.

So next time you go out to the courts: your next match, open play, tournament, round robin, clinic…. we want you to have 1 rule and that is to go with your first instinct. You will win 2x more points!

Yes… by going with your first instinct each time you may not win every point. BUT you will lose the point due to poor decision making not due to second guessing yourself. Think of it this way: if you go with your first instinct you have a chance to still make the shot/win the point. If you second guess yourself you are taking away your chance of still making the short or winning the point. (50% chance to 10% chance) note*** the better the decision the higher the chance of winning the point

Click here to learn 3 more tips that you never heard of before that will transfer your game at any level!

We Kicked Off Our Summer Junior Pickleball Camps This Week!

This week we kicked off our Week 1 Pickleball and Tennis Camps in Lower Merion and Sea Isle City!

35+ Monday-Thursday youth pickleball and tennis camps will be happening all over the PA, Philly, Mainline and Jersey Shore area!

Click here to view all of our camps!

All July & August Pickleball & Tennis Programs

Multiple programs all over the PA/Jersey shore area including youth clinics, camps, adult clinics, social tournaments, picklepaloozas, fundraising events and more will be happening this July and August. As you’re all in one inclusive pickleball and tennis community provider we are excited to have opportunities for everyone. We can’t wait to see you on court this season!

Click here to view all of our programs!

Adjust Your Paddle Face To Hit Volley

The higher of a shot, the more you want to close your paddle face. The lower of a shot, the more you want to open your paddle face. Think when the ball is high you need to hit “down” to get the ball in the court, by closing the paddle face it forces the ball to go down. When the ball is low you need to hit “up” to get the ball over the net, by opening your paddle it forces the ball to go up.

Click here to see a quick video explanation of this tip!

Footwork: The Foundation Of Singles Pickleball

When it comes to pickleball singles, footwork is the unsung hero. Good footwork can transform your game, allowing you to reach shots more easily, maintain balance, and execute powerful, accurate strokes. Staying balanced is crucial; always stay on the balls of your feet, with your knees slightly bent. This stance allows for quick movements in any direction, helping you react swiftly to your opponent’s shots. Effective footwork ensures you’re always in the right position to hit the ball. Anticipate where the ball will go and move your feet to get into the best possible position, which allows for more controlled and powerful shots. After every shot, use your footwork to quickly recover to a neutral position, so you’ll be prepared for the next shot, whether it’s a fast volley or a deep baseline drive. Quick recovery can make the difference between winning and losing a point. To improve your footwork, practice lateral shuffles to enhance your agility and speed, and work on moving quickly towards the net and back to the baseline. Shadow footwork drills, where you mimic movements without a ball, can build muscle memory and improve precision. Consistently practicing good footwork will elevate your game.

Is it ok to use an “Illegal” Paddle in Rec Play?

Most notably the Gen 3 Joola paddles have been “banned” from USA Pickleball, Tournaments, and pro tours. Does that mean they are ok to still use in rec play? Or should there be a rule that only allows “approved” paddles? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Middletown Staff Wellness Palooza!

Last Saturday we hosted a couples night for Middletown Township. It was a great night full of pickleball instruction, games and matchplay. Interested in a special event? Click here to fill out our special event form!

Lesson of the Week: How To Hit A 2 Handed Backhand Volley

Click here to view this week’s lesson

Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to see you on court!

-Universal Rackets

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